The Group places heavy emphasis on quality control. This is evident by the fact that each manufacturing facility has an in-process laboratory and two trained personnel to conduct quality checks during the production process. The in-process laboratory of each manufacturing facility comprises:

(i) Optical Densitometer to determine the colour transmission of the printed film

(ii) gas chromatography equipment to ensure the purity of solvents used

(iii) Oxygen and Water Vapour Transmission Rate Measurement System for evaluating barrier properties of the FLPM

(iv) Universal Material Tester to test laminating bond and heat seal strength, as well as the durability of the FLPM under compression and

(v) DCS 7 Differential Scanning Calorimeter to test the performance of FLPM under different heat enviornments.

Random samples are thoroughly tested in the laboratory to ensure that the output is consistent in quality and compliant with customers' specifications.  Our quality policy is like below:

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